M1. Data Collection

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About 200 Academic databases and search systems are accessible within the network of TU Delft university (see the complete list). Although, the possibility of downloading batches of large data is limited to specific Academic databases, the most famous ones including Scopus and Web of Science provide this feature.

dzign-square-pay-per-click-campaign-management-internet-marketing-page  Download data from Scopussee this manual

dzign-square-pay-per-click-campaign-management-internet-marketing-page Download data from Web of Science: see instructions Here
(Download limit: 500 records at a time)

API Access – Do you know  how to use APIs to collect data? If yes, then you will find the APIs for Scholarly Resources provided by the MITLibraries very helpful.

if you need more help with Data Collection please contact us.

AIDA: Automatic Identification of Research Trends