AIDA Booklet

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AIDA Booklet V2.2

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Case 1: State of the art overview
Case 2: Evolution of research
Case 3: Citation impact
Case 4: Collaboration profile
Case 5: Research positioning
Case 6: Research showcasing
Case 7: Conference submission profile
Case 8: Consortium assembly profile
Case 9: Educational program profile
Case 10: Organization overview
Case 11: Citation networks (1)
Case 12: Citation networks (2)
Case 13: Journal landscape
Case 14: Author landscape
Case 15:Ranking
Case 16:News overview
Case 17: Web media content
Case 18: Open-access zone
Case 19: TU Delft Research Profile
Case 20: TU Delft top Collaborators (1)
Case 21: TU Delft top Collaborators (2)

AIDA: Automatic Identification of Research Trends