researchersHigh Potential Researchers

The AIDA project is carried out in close collaboration with high potential researchers of TU Delft. AIDA brings the experts from almost 40 technological and scientific disciplines together to maximize the impact of research trend identification methods for each discipline.

toolboxState-of-the-Art Data Science Tools

AIDA uses the highest level of technologies in collection, processing, visualization and interpretation of (big) data to digest the rapidly growing  data corpora on scientific publications, and scalable extraction of scientific trends.

workshopsInteractive Workshops

AIDA organizes interactive workshops. During the workshops, researchers from different disciplines work together to  find creative ways to overcome the existing limitations in research trend identification. Also, researchers learn about the state-of-the-art tools for visualization and analysis of research areas.

toolbox2AIDA Toolbox Creation

AIDA is creating a toolbox, consisting of easy-to-use and yet effective software tools for collection, visualization, analysis and interpretation of large bodies of literature. The AIDA toolbox will be accessible for all TU Delft researchers via web platforms such as Research Support Portal.

communityCommunity Involvement

In order to guarantee a long-term impact, AIDA engages in dialogue and collaboration with TU Delft researchers. The informed community allows AIDA to disseminate the project outcomes to the TU Delft life.

AIDA: Automatic Identification of Research Trends