TU Delft Profile

By analysing the scientific articles written by TU Delft scientific staff, we’ve generated the TU Delft Profile Map shown below (use mouse scroll to zoom in/out).

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In the above profile map, many of the technological and scientific disciplines covered by faculties of TU Delft can be recognized (the size of circles and clusters are modified from the original values to give a better visual overview of different research  topics).

To see where each of the TU Delft faculties is positioned within the university profile map and also to see detailed profile map of each faculty, click on one of the faculty names below.

TNW – Applied Sciences
3ME – Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering
EWI – Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
CiTG – Civil Engineering and Geosciences
LR – Aerospace Engineering
TBM – Technology, Policy and Management
IO – Industrial Design Engineering
BK – Architecture and the Built Environment


This analysis is based on publications of “Delft University of Technology” from 2003 to 2015. These publications are retrieved from the Core Collection of Web of Science platform.

The dataset contains 10,000 articles. For each of the articles, we know the main faculty of employment for at least one of the authors.


Visualizations provided by the AIDA project are for informational purposes only. Although reasonable effort is being made to assure the correctness of the visualizations, they are not represented to be error-free.
Concerns about concepts, topics and information in any visualization should be addressed to the AIDA project members via email (aida.tudelft.nl).

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