C8: Consortium assembly profile

This term map visualizes the topics that are being covered by publications of members of a consortium. As can be seen in this case the expertise areas are relatively diverse and the term clusters are not tightly connected to each other.



illustrates the expertise areas of different members of a consortium


to get familiar with the expertise area of consortium members and know the common interests between members


group leaders and policy makers


1. collect the data of articles published by members of the consortium
2. generate a corpus and a score file such that in the score file you indicate to which author(s) each of the articles belongs
3. generate the term map based on text data (i.e., corpus and score)
4. use the overlay visualization feature to color the terms such that the color indicates how often the term is mentioned in publications of an arbitrary author
5. use the VOSviewer screenshot to export your map


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AIDA: Automatic Identification of Research Trends