C6: Research showcasing

This term map is generated based on the research articles of TU Delft that in their title or abstract include names such as brain, neuro. The colors of circles are determined by the modularity algorithm of the software that clusters the terms that co-occur frequently together with the same color. This case study is carried out by Michiel E. Munnik, MSc. For more information visit brain.library.tudelft.nl or the WIVOS visualization.


visualizes all or a subset of an organization research outcome


to allow audience to see an objective overview of the organization research outcome and allow them to search through the research articles using this visualization


researchers, group leaders and policy makers


1. collect the data corresponding to the research outcome you’re interested in from an appropriate data source
2. import the data into VOSviewer
3. generate the term map based on text data
4. use the VOSviewer screenshot to export your map
5. you can use the AIDA web-interface to show the results on your website


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AIDA: Automatic Identification of Research Trends